Art and the Machine

Bugs wondering why this simulation program, which we discover was written by Neo, is using old code.
Graffiti message that Thomas Anderson sees while in the bathroom stall. It’s a quote from Don Delillo’s 1989 novel, Americana.

Thomas Anderson / Neo

Tiffany / Trinity

Neo and Trinity reunited, freeing Trinity and unleashing her full powers
Trinity holding up Neo at the end of the movie after they jump off a building. Neo can no longer fly, but we discover that Trinity can.


Neo shaking hands with exomorphic Morpheus

Agent Smith


The Journey of The Artist

The Hollywood Machine

Deus Machina

Deus Machina, the name of the company that Thomas Anderson is employed at as the lead game designer.

The Message




Investing, Meditating, Writing

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Shaan Batra

Shaan Batra

Investing, Meditating, Writing

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